January 14, 2014
Annals of incredibly expensive, poorly executed ads

You know, I sort of get the idea behind it, but oy vey this ad.

Is this really the image Mazda wants readers of Wired (Wired, for god’s sake!) to take away about its brand and its products? An old guy holding a Zach Morris phone to his ear?

August 15, 2012
Jonah Lehrer? More like Jonah Liar, am I right? (I totally just thought of that)

Hey Wired, bad karma for you taking Jonah Lehrer back after his spectacular fall from grace and resulting dismissal from the New Yorker. 

After this nonsense, I am totally canceling my subscription! Well, I would cancel my subscription if I still had one, but I let it lapse like two years ago and yet you guys keep sending me a new issue every month. What’s up with that, by the way? 

Anyway, weak sauce. 

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